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Wilson Santiago JR aka Mann LaGrand Flight, Hip Hop/Rap Artist, Co-Founder of LoUd Life Crew. Born in Orlando Florida , December 7th 1991. East Orlando Artist , Now Based in Springfield, MA. 

Mann LaGrand Flight wasn't introduced To Hip-Hop Until he reached age 10. Studied & Learned the art of writing Raps at the age Of 16 then started Writting His Own original Songs as well as recording Them with another Local Orlando Rap Group By the name of Devils Harmony Family with Other Groups/Labels Like "3G Records" (Grimey Gudda Gangsta Recordings) then later To Break apart With SWIZZY B to form LoUd Life Crew in 2011 with Associate Shak Getem. 

Mann LaGrands Influences for his music comes from his childhood, his upBringing , Family & Life Experiences both negative & positive. He would like to share and connect with others through his Raw Lyricism, so they can relate with thoughts, experiences & Stories. he is also influenced by all form of hiphop to other genres of music from Rock, Pop to Edm, So with his diverse taste of music and sounds. Hopes to bring you a ultimate Musical experience

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