Our Legacy

LoUd Life Crew was founded in 2012 by Justin DeJesus, Wilson Santiago and Shakir Hodsell all avid music fans and record enthusiasts as well as Musicians/Recording Artists themselves. Inspired by the Culture and hard working talent surrounding the collective name, Desiree Fourquet, Current Co-Owner, A&R and Photographer of LoUd Life Crew, LLC took it a step further by joining forces in 2013 as the Companies first Investor and Chairwomen. Their passion for artist development made LoUd Life Crew, LLC the home of choice for artists & producers such as Shak Getem, Mann LaGrand Flight, Marvylus, Noopey Na'mon, SwizZy B and many more. With over 5 years of recorded music history, our passion for artistry in music continues today as a new generation of incredible artists including dhino, Vergo and more continue to further the LoUd Life Crew legacy.