GrandMastaSkunk : R.ich A.nd M.anifest S.umthin'
(Prod By: TONY FADD)
(Engineered By: YODA HENDRIX)
LVLZ LYRICS________________________

2 blunts of indo im gone
2 tabs popped im zoned
3 blunts of indo im gone
3 tabs popped im zoned


Roll with the squad dont fuck with no frauds
Hatin on me cause i fuck with your braud
I dont give a fuck i be beatin it up
Grew up in denton get smoked if you trippin
Raised up in them texas streets
Ill smoke a nigga like swisha sweets
We can throw hands if you bout that
One on one but i doubt that
Got a swarm on ninjas be mobbin with me
Everywhere i go gotta pack the semi
Time is money gotta stay busy
Paranoid af i know they out to get me
Throed af and im feelin dizzy
Its levels to this shit mane
Pokemon green im like lvl 50
Ill fuck your bitch and tell her stay trippy
On the road always on the go
Windows up dont fuck up the hotbox
Oldschool like n64 call us smash bros
When it comes to thoughts
dont get it twisted never love a bitch
Everybody knows im a lunatic
So you better learn who you foolin with
GrandMastaSkunk on some gruesome shit
Thinkin up ways to get paid
Turn out yo b***h with some blunts and cocaine
Still the same ninjaa aint a dam thang changed
M***a f***a tell me can you stand the rain
Wu-Tang forever 36 chambers
This is the only time that i will say this
Twistin up blunts on a day by day basis
My n***a id rather be rich than famous